Dimension of Sliding Table : 3200mm x 360mm
Gross Cut Capacity 3200mm x 360mm
Width of Cut Between Saw Blade and Rip Fence 1250mm
Saw Blade Diamete 300m (250-300)
Height of Cut 80mm
Speed of Main Saw Spindle 4000/6000rpm
Spindle Diameter 30mm
Tilting Saw Blade 0-45 ̊
Main Motor 5.5kw
Scoring Saw Blade Diameter 120mm
Speed of Scoring Saw Blade 9000rpm/min
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Furniture Industry: Panel Furniture, Office Furniture, Wood Door, Cabinet, etc; Wood-Working Industry: Musical Instrument, Kitchen Doors, Windows, etc; Suitable Materials: Wood, Solid Wood, Panel, Acrylic, Plexiglass, MDF,Plastic, all kind of wooden etc

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